Fair Trade: Prosthetic Petal Project by Iris Meier

By | December 2, 2017

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Fair Trade: Prosthetic Petal Project by Iris Meier
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Image by Amy M. Youngs
Materials: Live Marigold plant, flower pot, potting soil, water, craft felt, craft glue, Erlenmeyer flask, Petri dishes, fresh and dried flower petals, Lutein capsules (Health supplement against macular degeneration obtained from Marigold flower petal extract).

Relating to plants is as close as we might ever come to interacting with an Alien species. While we are so distant that meaningful communication appears almost impossible, we routinely engage in trade, sometimes in chemical warfare, and frequently in exploitation. Here, an attempt was made to fairly trade with the Alien by supplying it with a man-made solution (prosthetic petals) to its losses encountered in the trade.

Plants like marigolds invest energy to make flower petals in order to attract pollinators and increase their reproductive fitness. The human health supplement Lutein is made from marigold flower petals, a major agricultural product in several developing countries.

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Image by tainkeh

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