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By | May 15, 2018

A few nice women running images I found:

Service and sportsmanship: Camp Zama community runs, kicks and pulls toward the end of Army Birthday Week
women running
Image by usarjnco
CAMP ZAMA, Japan — Hundreds of American and Japanese service members, civilians and their families gathered under the partly sunny sky over Camp Zama to celebrate the conclusion of Army Birthday Week with a culmination of sports, competitions and ceremonies conducted June 17, 2016.

The fifth and final day of outdoor activities opened with a command-wide fun run hosted by Army Maj. Gen. James F. Pasquarette, commanding general, U.S. Army Japan (USARJ). Pasquarette’s open invitation permitted the men and women in uniform to bring their friends and loved ones. The result produced an amusing mixture of organized ranks and files of service members running in cadence with a colorful cast of spouses, children, baby strollers and small dogs trotting along the flanks.

Regardless their age, size, speed, creed or breed, every participant ended the two-mile route soaked from head to toe compliments of the Camp Zama Directorate of Emergency Services’ firetruck salute.

Later that morning, the community gathered at the Camp Zama High School stadium to join or cheer their respective units in the Camp Zama Army Birthday Week Championship finals. Hundreds of spectators set their eyes on the track to watch some of the post’s fastest sprinters attempt to break their personal best in the 100-meter dash. The attendees’ gaze then shifted to the field to witness a friendly soccer match between Camp Zama’s U.S. Soccer Team and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s Central Readiness Force (CRF). The 30-minute see-saw battle ended with a 3-2 penalty shootout that clenched victory for the red, white and blue.

Between the match the U.S. Army and CRF’s strongest troops squared off in a best-of-three tug-of-war competition at the 50-yard line. After the U.S. team literally pulled a win in the final round, the troops gave way for the children of Camp Zama to take a tug on the rope.

The physical prowess and playful banter among the teams gave way to solemn pride as Pasquarette led 14 Soldiers in reciting the Oath of Enlistment during a mass reenlistment ceremony that honored their decision to voluntarily extend their service to their country and the United States Army.

The festivities concluded with an award presentation that recognized the winners of the 2016 USARJ Army Sports Week Competition. U.S. Army Aviation Battalion took first place, while the 78th Signal Battalion and the U.S. Army Medical Activity-Japan earned second and third place, respectively.

Pasquarette and Army Command Sgt. Maj. Richard R. Clark, command sergeant major, USARJ, also recognized other notable individuals and organizations that recently demonstrated the honor and pride of the Camp Zama community.

Fara McKinley, president of the Zama Community Spouses Association, received an award for her association’s donation of water bottles for the competitors and spectators. USARJ also recognized Shinobu Matsui, general manager of the Camp Zama Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), for earning the Director/CEO Cup, the highest honor for operational excellence among all AAFES chains in the “Small Exchange” category.

Pasquarette and Clark also presented certificates, medals or trophies to the U.S. Army Japan Band for winning the 2016 Music Performance Team of the Year award, Army Sgt. Drew Ayers and Army Spc. Lucas Patron for their selection as the 2016 USARJ Best Warrior Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year, and Sheyenne Sullivan for her exemplary performance in her assistance to displaced evacuees effected by April’s earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan.

U.S. Army photo by Sgt. John L. Carkeet IV, U.S. Army Japan

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2018 Émilie’s Run 5k for Women – IMG_4274
women running
Image by ianhun2009

Ringtown Hurlnig Club – Easter 2015 – Half Marathon and 10KM Road Races
women running
Image by Peter Mooney
This is a photograph from the Ringtown Hurling Club Half Marathon and 10KM Road Races, fun runs, and walks which were held in Whitehall, Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath, Ireland on Easter Monday (April 6th 2015) at 11:00 and 11:15 respectively. Ringtown Hurling club is situated in Whitehall which is on the R394 between Mullingar and Castlepollard. The half marathon started outside the GAA club. The 10KM race started about 1KM away from the start/finish area. Both races shared the same route. The race event was also a fundraiser for the charity TEAM (Temporary Emergency Accomodation Mullingar) which provides emergency accomodation for women and children of the midlands who are subject of domestic and sexual violence. They are located at Teach Fáilte, Green Road, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. 55 participants took part in the Half marathon while approximately 85 participants took part in the 10KM.

Our full set of photographs from today’s event are available on Flickr at the following link

Don’t forget to scroll down to see more information about the race and these photographs!

Event Management and Timing was provided by PRECISION TIMING. The results from today’s events can be found on Precision Timing’s website at this URL []. You can checkout their facebook page at

The half marathon started at the GAA club. The main loop of 6 miles started here at the GAA club and proceeded around some beautiful rural back roads with major turns at [], [], and [] before joining up with the R394 and Castlepollard and returning back to Ringtown/Whitehall. The 10KM race was held on this same route but having departed before the half marathon the participants were mostly infront of the main field in the half marathon.

This was the GAA club’s second hosting of this event and the overwhelming reaction of participants was that it went perfectly again following on from last year’s very successful event. There was a team of Motorcycle outriders and Gardai who expertly controlled traffic flow (particularly along the very busy R394) and made for very safe running conditions for all participants. There was a wonderful selection of refreshments provided afterwards and maybe people were able to sit out in the sun and enjoy a well earned rest after the race. Shower facilities were provided in the GAA club.

Can I use these photographs directly from Flickr on my social media account(s)?

Yes – of course you can! Flickr provides several ways to share this and other photographs in this Flickr set. You can share directly to: email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LiveJournal, and WordPress and Blogger blog sites. Your mobile, tablet, or desktop device will also offer you several different options for sharing this photo page on your social media outlets.

BUT….. Wait there a minute….
We take these photographs as a hobby and as a contribution to the running community in Ireland. We do not charge for our photographs. Our only "cost" is that we request that if you are using these images: (1) on social media sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+,, Vine, Meetup, Tagged,,etc or (2) other websites, blogs, web multimedia, commercial/promotional material that you must provide a link back to our Flickr page to attribute us or acknowledge us as the original photographers.

This also extends to the use of these images for Facebook profile pictures. In these cases please make a separate wall or blog post with a link to our Flickr page. If you do not know how this should be done for Facebook or other social media please email us and we will be happy to help suggest how to link to us.

I want to download these pictures to my computer or device?

You can download this photographic image here directly to your computer or device. This version is the low resolution web-quality image. How to download will vary slight from device to device and from browser to browser. Have a look for a down-arrow symbol or the link to ‘View/Download’ all sizes. When you click on either of these you will be presented with the option to download the image. Remember just doing a right-click and "save target as" will not work on Flickr.

I want get full resolution, print-quality, copies of these photographs?

If you just need these photographs for online usage then they can be used directly once you respect their Creative Commons license and provide a link back to our Flickr set if you use them. For offline usage and printing all of the photographs posted here on this Flickr set are available free, at no cost, at full image resolution.

Please email petermooney78 AT gmail DOT com with the links to the photographs you would like to obtain a full resolution copy of. We also ask race organisers, media, etc to ask for permission before use of our images for flyers, posters, etc. We reserve the right to refuse a request.

In summary please remember when requesting photographs from usIf you are using the photographs online all we ask is for you to provide a link back to our Flickr set or Flickr pages. You will find the link above clearly outlined in the description text which accompanies this photograph. Taking these photographs and preparing them for online posting takes a significant effort and time. We are not posting photographs to Flickr for commercial reasons. If you really like what we do please spread the link around your social media, send us an email, leave a comment beside the photographs, send us a Flickr email, etc. If you are using the photographs in newspapers or magazines we ask that you mention where the original photograph came from.

I would like to contribute something for your photograph(s)?
Many people offer payment for our photographs. As stated above we do not charge for these photographs. We take these photographs as our contribution to the running community in Ireland. If you feel that the photograph(s) you request are good enough that you would consider paying for their purchase from other photographic providers or in other circumstances we would suggest that you can provide a donation to any of the great charities in Ireland who do work for Cancer Care or Cancer Research in Ireland.

Let’s get a bit technical: We use Creative Commons Licensing for these photographs
We use the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License for all our photographs here in this photograph set. What does this mean in reality?
The explaination is very simple.
Attribution– anyone using our photographs gives us an appropriate credit for it. This ensures that people aren’t taking our photographs and passing them off as their own. This usually just mean putting a link to our photographs somewhere on your website, blog, or Facebook where other people can see it.
ShareAlike – anyone can use these photographs, and make changes if they like, or incorporate them into a bigger project, but they must make those changes available back to the community under the same terms.

Above all what Creative Commons aims to do is to encourage creative sharing. See some examples of Creative Commons photographs on Flickr:

I ran in the race – but my photograph doesn’t appear here in your Flickr set! What gives?

As mentioned above we take these photographs as a hobby and as a voluntary contribution to the running community in Ireland. Very often we have actually ran in the same race and then switched to photographer mode after we finished the race. Consequently, we feel that we have no obligations to capture a photograph of every participant in the race. However, we do try our very best to capture as many participants as possible. But this is sometimes not possible for a variety of reasons:

     ►You were hidden behind another participant as you passed our camera
     ►Weather or lighting conditions meant that we had some photographs with blurry content which we did not upload to our Flickr set
     ►There were too many people – some races attract thousands of participants and as amateur photographs we cannot hope to capture photographs of everyone
     ►We simply missed you – sorry about that – we did our best!

You can email us petermooney78 AT gmail DOT com to enquire if we have a photograph of you which didn’t make the final Flickr selection for the race. But we cannot promise that there will be photograph there. As alternatives we advise you to contact the race organisers to enquire if there were (1) other photographs taking photographs at the race event or if (2) there were professional commercial sports photographers taking photographs which might have some photographs of you available for purchase. You might find some links for further information above.

Don’t like your photograph here?
That’s OK! We understand!

If, for any reason, you are not happy or comfortable with your picture appearing here in this photoset on Flickr then please email us at petermooney78 AT gmail DOT com and we will remove it as soon as possible. We give careful consideration to each photograph before uploading.

I want to tell people about these great photographs!
Great! Thank you! The best link to spread the word around is probably

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