Cool Women Running images

By | February 12, 2018

Check out these women running images:

Flora Mini Marathon – Dublin 2010
women running
Image by infomatique
Over 40,000 run women’s mini-marathon.

It was a very wet day and I could not keep my lens dry so you will notice some streaks or white spots on some if not all of the photographs. Last year my camera developed a fault and the year before that I used the wrong lens so this is not my lucky event.
According to RTE about 40,000 women took part in this years 10Km mini-marathon. To me it looked more like 400,000 and I was in constant fear of being trampled to death.
Linda Byrne from Dundrum/South Dublin Athletic Club has won the 28th Flora women’s mini-marathon in a time of 34 minutes 29 seconds.
In second place was Maria McCambridge from Letterkenny Athletics Club in a time of 34 minutes 31 seconds.
Teresa McGloin from Donegal Athletics Club finished in third position in a time of 34 minutes 36 seconds.

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The Odd Couple
women running
Image by Tobyotter
They were running together, with 20 yards to the finish line the woman had a burst of energy and looked please as she passed "the giant".

women running
Image by infomatique
More than 40,000 women from around the country and the world gathered at Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin this afternoon for the annual Flora Mini-Marathon.

Annette Kealy from Howth in Co Dublin won this year’s race when she crossed the finish line at St Stephen’s Green in a time of 35 minutes and 45 seconds.

It is an extra special day for the mother-of-four from the Raheny-Shamrock running club as she is celebrating her 40th birthday.

I was there taking photographs and I must admit that seeing 40,000 women in the same place at the same time is an amazing sight and a very noisy experience but it was great fun. To give you some idea just how big this really was I am uploading photographs showing the rows of buses parked along the grand canal, there must not have been a bus left for anything else throughout the island of Ireland.

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